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Take a look at these on-line bookshops. You are sure to find the book you're looking for. They all offer an excellent range of titles in many different categories. Choose from best-sellers to classics.

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This site offers over 4 million books with discounts on many, many titles. 23% off Harry Potter's Order of the Phoenix. They provide a fast, low cost delivery service, usually same day, and they have a 2 for the price of 1 offer for UK addresses and a 3 or more option for a fixed price of 3.20.

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Bargains and reductions seem to be the name of the game with on-line book shops/clubs these days and this e-tailer is no exception. Lots of categories as you'd expect with the opportunity to save up to 7 on some items. Worth a look.

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Profiled in the "Top UK companies of the future" this site offers over 3.2 million titles, the largest selection available in Europe. There's an excellent selection of U.S. Books as well as Blighty's where you can enjoy free delivery for purchases over 25. Check out the bargain section where there are up to 80% reductions on some titles. A leader in bookshops, this one. Bookshops

This is a great starting point in your search for books. They have loads of categories with a great range and variety of titles. There's bound to be something here for you. One of the better on-line bookshops. On-line Book shops

As well as a good variety of books, this shop also prides itself in offering it's customers bargain prices. Their prices are consistently lower than the RRP, not just on "selected titles" If we had a bargain bookshops section this would in it! Its worth paying a visit. Book shops UK

A huge selection of titles, many reduced by up to 80% including 60% off many bestsellers. Some of their prices are jaw dropping, pay the site a visit, you'll see what we mean.


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